It came as a complete surprise to my Mom when Berkshire decided to close its doors to its Corporate Housing division. The division was flourishing with her as a pioneer in the business. Shocked, upset and confused are a few of the words I can use to describe her, as I recall that day. But Karen Marie (then Randlett) Mock was NEVER one to accept defeat and a severance package. So it is better and much more accurate to describe her, as determined, passionate, and proactive. Before the end of the next day, Maryland Relocation was born and incorporated with Karen as its founder, owner and president.

Since 2001, Maryland Relocation Inc. has been connecting people worldwide to temporary homes in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Karen and her team have assisted in relocating top business professional from large companies such as Black and Decker, Under Armor, T.Rowe Price and Legg Mason. My Mom attended training camps scouting new players landing contracts and provided homes to incoming talent of the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens!

Baltimore, Maryland is the home to both John Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland, Shock Trauma among several other top medical treatment and research facilities. In times of disaster or illness Karen has opened the doors to house those needing refuge or a safe haven during treatment. Our dwellings provide comfort to families of patients and a place to rest and be cared for both in and out of treatment facilities.

Traveling nurses and other health professionals refer to us as their home away from home. They stay in our customized dwelling places so they can be closer to their work when treating our clients and others in our community.

As a Minority Business Enterprise, Maryland Relocation, is honored to be a preferred provider of government housing on the local, state and federal levels working with military professionals and housed families in Aberdeen, Fort Meade, Annapolis, Gaithersburg and other neighborhoods surrounding area bases and government sponsored administrative and research facilities. We are sensitive to the unique needs of our esteemed military professionals and their families. We remain available to assist throughout their transfer and have aided in finding permanent housing when needed.

As a member of the Corporate Housing Providers Association,with the vision to exceed its standards and set ourselves apart, we have brokered partnerships with like minded companies over the years. As the pioneer and primary provider in our hometown, Maryland Relocation Inc. is who even the larger national and global corporations call upon when housing a client in Baltimore and its surrounding counties. They trust us with their VIP clients because we are the best!

For 15 years Karen acted as the President and owner of Maryland Relocation Inc. and trained her staff to have a meticulous eye for detail, a commitment to quality and superior customer service.

In April 2015, Karen was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. After an incredible battle, Karen went to be with the Lord on June 15, 2016. She defeated cancer in her final days by claiming joy over pain and suffering. In some of her final prayers she acknowledged her amazing team at MD Relocation and had faith that in her passing they would ensure that her personal touches will live on.

Going Beyond

In the wake of my Mom’s passing and her passing her company on to me, I’ve had much to consider. My mom may have had very small feet but she left a huge footprint. As I’ve stepped into the role of President this transition has been gradual and my team and family have been incredibly supportive. Attending the Corporate Housing Providers Association Eastern Regional Conference in Washington D.C. was an invaluable experience as I was welcomed into the CHPA family and encouraged to lead Maryland Relocation Inc. into the evolving future with respect to the industry and changing housing trends.

We have been looking at the changing climate as my team, and I want to continue to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all our existing clientele but also go beyond to offer our services to those not familiar with the benefits of using us. Introspectively, our team has considered what makes Maryland Relocation set apart from other temporary housing providers.

What defines our service? Our product?

This company survived the second worth economic depression in history. Why?

My Mom put an emphasis on the serve in customer service. She went above and beyond, she truly cared.

Care is one of those words in the English language that has been widely used and abused.
But care means, “to feel concern or interest, attach importance to, or to look after and provide for the needs of…”

In today’s Corporate Housing Industry service may be defined as an auto-reply email, a digital inventory search or a hashtag featured property promo.

But at Maryland Relocation Inc. we serve. We provide. We do things the KARE’N WAY!

We will take KARE of you by…

Knowing you, our clients, and the reason for relocation

Accommodating any specific or special needs in finding your destination

Ready to serve you throughout your entire stay, resolving any concerns as they arise

Exceeding expectations in our service and in our meticulously maintained dwellings

We are KARE’N on the legacy.

As a small, women-owned, family operated, Christian business, we are the team you can trust!

Check out some of our dwellings!

Maryland Relocation Inc. is transforming relocation to relaxation.

Let us prepare a place for you. Come dwell with us
& relax in your home away from home.

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